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Edward Hooper, Aids came from polio.
​​The Origins of AIDS (2004) | Full Documentary | Cecil Fox | Simon Wain-Hobson | Joseph Vandepitte


Fauci deposition Dec22

John Sauer of the Missouri 19 Attorney General’s Office

Lots of inane questions, Fauci easily slithers out. “Trust the Science”, “Fauci did not influence papers”. “Internationally esteemed scientists in peer reviewed journals”. “$6.3 billion portfolio, not on Fauci’s radar”. Etc.

Index below.

13: “A Flu Virus Risk Worth Taking”?
16: “GoF” misleading. Guardrails.
18: Fauci does not approve grants.
20: Vaguely knows Peter Daszak
21..: Reverse Genetics
27. Pause or GoF.
29. Exceptions to G0F ban.
31. “A SARS-like cluster of circulating bat coronaviruses shows potential for human emergence” 2015
32. Vaguely knows Ralph Baric.
33. Not sure who Shi Zhengli is.
34. Farrar call, SARS-2 lab made.
37. Fauci thinks Daszak would have data from Shi.

43. Starting to talk about origin.
45. Holmes and Andersen top scientists.
46. Farrar, Andersen talked to Fauci as top expert…
47. Coen’s “Mining Genomes for Clues in the Outbreak,”
50. Andersen’s “inconsistent with expectations from evolutionary theory”
59. Fauci wanted urgent call with Hugh Auchincloss (assisstent) before meeting with other scientists. Tasks that must be done today.
64. The call. “Fauci said little on it. not a evolutionary virologist”.
70. GoF done during ban, by Auchincloss.
71. Emily Erbelding said nothing (needed) to go through P3CO review.
72. “a $120,000 a year grant in a $6.3 billion portfolio.” not on Fauci’s radar.
78. The call. Experts discussing, Fauci listening (probably false).
80. Scientists always stick to the truth… Need more time to investigate origin.
82. The Proximal Origin preprint.
87. Farrar wanted to keep it a tight group.
96. Communication with Tedros WHO
99. Concerns of social media, WeChat, Twitter

100. Fauci does not do any social media.
103. Does not want to upset Chinese, cooperation.
104. Misinformation
113. Fauci unclear about “anomalies”.
114. Saw draft of Proximal Origins, but no substantial comments, not his speciality.
115. “serial passage in ACE2 transgenic mice”
117. BSL-2 vs BSL-3. Fauci not a specialist…
121. Fauci relies on expert evolutionary virologists to determine lab origin.
122. Fauci not involved in FOI decisions.
123. Draft of PO couple of days past meeting. Outside expertise.
126. WHO again. Fauci did not directly communicate.
129. Fauci does not recall Daszak’s letter to Lancet
133. Back to WHO, Fauci’s list of names, some suggested by others…
138. Fauci to Sauer: You’re sniffling, are you sure you do not have a cold.
141. Podcast with Daszak. “Done several hundred podcasts, do not recall.”
149. Fauci meeting with Baric.
150. Misinformation can lead to loss of life.
155. What if hypothetically it came from a lab…
156. WIV viruses published so far incompatible with SARS-2
157. Virus database viruses already published (!!)
159. Back to PO again…
165. Upon return from WHO trip to China Cliff Lane was impressed by their measures.
166. Social distancing needed…
175. Facebook … uninteresting.

178. Back to PO!
183. Colins: “Outrageous claims SARS-2 was engineered”.
190. Colins concerned about Bret Baier report that it was a lab leak.
192. Fauci’s “Shiny object that will go away”.
194. Misinformation vs Disinformation
195. Promote PO Paler.
198. Trump press conference
200. Totally consistent PO Paper.

206. Q. How did Daszak get Fauci’s email? A. Fauci’s email address on website!
208. Suppression of social media after Tump press conference.
213. Ian Birrel censored. To all this Fauci say not his concern.
214 hydroxychloroquine … 238
238 removal of Hydro videos.
244 still Hydro Meta analysis.
248 Great Barrington Declaration, lock downs.
280 Google search pushed GBD down below critical arguments.
282 Redit also censored. And YouTube.
309 Fake accounts on social media
313 Sylvia Burwell on masks, Fauci: not very effective.
316. Mask advice changed for three reasons…
326. Vaccination. Communications team.
331. Ivermectin
336 Vaccine misinformation, Twitter
352 more on Twitter Vaccine hesitancy…
356. Fauci has no opinions about censorship on social media.
359. End.

Challenges and Opportunities to Investigating the Origins of Pandemics and Other Biological Events



A travesty. Carefully not discussing the Covid-19 lab leak at all. The only evidence presented was by Ms Rogers, Chair claiming (falsely) that it took 13 years to discover the origin of SARS-1.

0:00 Sen Griffiths R
Big deal, lab leak needs investigation.

5:30 Ms Caster D
Important to provide universal help care
Trust the science. If animal source need to look at those animals.
Needs more time to prepare.
Complains that too many documents asked from science.
Republicans erode trust in science.

11:00 Ms Rogers Chair
Big deal.
13 years to discover origin of SARS-1(!)

15:55 Palone? D?
Important for researches to be able to study.
SARS/MERS science guided SARS-2
Public health

21:40 Introduce widnesses
24:24 Sworn in

24:50 Dr Karen Howard — Bureaucrat.
Lack of access to data limits origin.
Need international databases.
Why we cannot know.

20:10 Tom Inglesby
Meta woffle. Need more databases

32:30 Asha George
Need more money on this.

37:40 Gerald Parker
International agreements.
Anthrax attacks(!)

42:40 Michael Impactale?
More woffle. Need strong life sciences.
Keep doing Gain of Function, labs not a problem(!)

49:00 Questions. Not worth listening to.

57:30 Caster: “Took 13 years to find source of SARS-1” (Wrong, it took a few months.)

1:01:33 Rogers: Can the science know from the genetic sequence if lab leak?
All: Very tricky, cannot tell, can be obscured. “Likely origin” only. Only one source of info. Nothing specific or useful.
1:03:35 Inglesby? Evidence is Natural, not Lab Leak (but of course no detail)

1:04:20 Can hunting viruses in bat caves be dangerous.

1:05:00 Pallone Climate change… What tools. Repeat of woffle.

1:10:30 Burgess: Parker: Natural? Obstruction. Both hypothesis possible.
Burgess suggesting it was a lab leak?

1:15:18:00 ?? D. Myths and conspiracy theories.
Ilinforsery? denounces conspiracy theory.(!)


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