2023 Hearings

Select Subcommittee on the Coronavirus Pandemic 8 March 2023

Investigating the Origins of COVID-19



  • Republicans have a fair understanding of the issues, namely the Furin Cleavage Site, the sudden adaption to humans, BSL-2, Gain of Function etc. They are also gunning for Fauci et. al. Strong statements.
  • Democrats are obsfucating, talking of inquiries, never evidence. Attacked Wade 4 times(!) over “racist” book to attempt to cancel his evidence. Throwing inane questions to Auwaerter who supports them. Holding up signs!
  • Auwaerter was the Dem witness, Wade and Redfield the Rep Witnesses, Metzl on the fence.

Prepared Witness Statements

Index of Video

(Times are for official version, cspan and youtube have offsets.)

00:15:52 Westrup, Chair, Republicans. Coverage of key facts. Furin Cleavage Site, Infections, Gain of Function, BSL-2, DEFUSE, Sick Workers, Useless P3CO, The Conspiracy to suppress.

00:24:50 Ruiz, Democrat. Biden did a great job (no mention of what). Must not be political. Then attacks Wade as racist for an irrelevant book

00:33:20 Metzl. Content free. Need to investigate, China.

40:20 Wade. Defends book (instead of attacking Ruiz 😦 ) Detailed review of evidence, nothing for zootonic, FCS exactly as in DEFUSE, Conspiracy theory.

00:46:21 Auwaerter. No consensus. Probably Zootonic. Need investigation. Supports GoF. No evidence.

00:53:10 Redfield. He is VIP, head CDC. He shut down Ft. Detrick for 6 months due to biosecurity concerns, not popular. Need to know origin to deal with new. GoF caused Covid-19.

00:59:00 Westrup asks witnesses are viruses intermediators found. Auwaerter, none found for Ebola.

01:04:46 Redfield Defn of GoF. Broad. GoF done no help.

01:06:03 Ruiz Attacks Wade again! Racist! Redfield backs up Wade.

1:09:27 Ruiz to Auwaerter need to build trust in science(!) May never know. Need international over site.

1:12:19 McCormic. Rep. Auewaerter admits no wild animals found.

1:17:40 Raskir. Dem. Trump likes Xi. Attacks Trump’s handling.

1:23 Malliotakis. Rep. 2yrs knew history. Democrats obstructed. Redfield: was excluded by Fauci, due to single narrative. Started September.

1:28:10 Dingell Dem. Criticizes attacks on public health officials. Fauci has an open mind(!)

1:33:34 Comer Rep. Media downplayed leak. Wade: scientists rely on grants from committees, so scientists are not a reliable.

1:38 Mfume (black) Dem. Attacks Wade as racist, rants.

1:44 Wade defends book.

1:46:40 Miller. Rep. Only reps attended 2021 hearing. GoF. Principal Origins Paper prompted by Fauci, acknowledgement, wade vague. 1:50:50 Auwaerter: it took a few years to find intermediate animals for SARS, “some time” for MERS.

1:52 Ross Dem. Support investigation. Science and facts only, not politics etc. Weak questions to Auwaerter . Biden leadership produced intelligence community report(!). Thence yields to Mfume who defuses attack a bit.

1:58:29 Lesko Rep. Attacks Ruis for attacking Wade. Good stuff! Dems are political! Redfield focus on the virus being infectious, unlike SARS and MERS. Humanized mice. NIH funding. Redfield: Sept 2019 Unusual: WIV deleted sequences, went from Civilian to Military control, Contractor redid ventilation system in lab.

2:04:00 Bera Dem. “Want to find source.” Supports Fauci! Metzl: International cooperation (do not disagree with China). Do not over focus on Fauci.

2:09:38 Cloud Rep. Metzl: There was a ferocious attacks on lab leakers. Journals not printing. Wuhan a sophisticated city. 1/3 sick had no connection with market. Dispositive unsupported.

2:15:30 Garcia Dem. Attacks Trump. Vaccine hesitancy. Disinformation…

2:20:55 Joyce Rep. Erosion of public trust. Redfield has trust in Intelligence Agencies. WHO, China not open at beginning. Daszak on WHO joint study, forced upon the WHO. Thence SAGO.

2:26:53 Tokuda Dem. Attacks Wade again! People of colour. Public health infrastructure. Metzl: need more public health. Auwaerter: Need to support BSL-3 BSL-4 labs.

2:32:40 Greene Rep. Fauci et. al. disinformation. Timeline, change. Redfield: FCS important, human sequence. Humanized mice. Reverse. Excluded from conversation.

2:39:05 Jackson Rep. Public health officials lied. Biden renewed WHO membership although no changes.

2:44:30 Jordon Rep. Fauci only pushed Zoonosis. $9million reasons for Andersen & Garry to support Fauci. Fire in his belly.

2:50:10 Westrup Rep. “Not political”. Building trust. Weak.

2:55:20 Ruiz Dem. Allow Intelligence Community to do their work, need to follow the evidence, currently inconclusive(!). Reps have already made up their minds! Must not villainize public health officials(!).

Hearing 2023-04-18


Summary 2023-04-18

  • Focus on Intelligence Community.
  • Ratcliffe “Lab leak side of ledger very strong, natural absent.” Focus on sick WIV workers, Lab leak only credible theory, why so long to produce result? No enumeration any of the open source intel).
  • Feith agrees Lab Leak. Lowenthal says can never know without help from China.
  • Dems totally political — No consensus, must not vilify health figures, Allow IC to work without interference. Trump is a racist. Biden doing great job…
  • Reps ask if obvious how come it took so long for Intel to change. Ratciffe tries to deny Intel just “speaks truth to power”. But says Intel won’t, not can’t.
  • Wenstrup interestingly says he discovered Shi/Menchary Chimera paper back in Feb 2020. Alarmed.
  • Very little mention of the actual facts other than sick workers. This makes it my opinion vs your opinion.
  • Best is audience wearing tee shirts “Jail Fauci”!
  • Zero talk of the important issue, namely stopping reckless gain of function research creating a new pandemic.

Index 2023-04-18

0:00 Wenstrup Ratcliffe. Jan 2021 Pompeo 1. Sick workers, 2. WIV did GoF at BLS-2. Eco health not published progress rports. 3. WIV worked with Chinese Military. Oct 2021 assessments. FBI Wuhan. DoE believes lab leak. China obscures.

5:45 Riuz. Biden doing good job. 2: Lab 4: Natural, no consensus. Must not vilify public health figures. China. Must not be partisan, then attacks Trump!
Riuz is totally political, doing his best to suppress the lab leak, and obviously so.

12:00 Wenstrup introduces witnesses

13:28 Ratcliffe. (Ex head of Intel). Lab leak only credible theory. Why have Intel not already concluded lab leak?! Conspiracy theory. Politics. CIA lies saying insufficient evidence, will not rather than cannot produce a conclusion.

19:20 Feith Public health suppressed. If Covid result of lab then Hiroshima moment. Scandal. Conspiracy. Need transparcy. GoF in last 15 years. GoF could kill humanity. Biden needs to release.

25:48 Lowenthal Intelligence analyst. Deal with ambiguity. Origin of virus unknown. (Democrat!). Must not politicize. Not “tell truth to power”.

30:05 Westrup Rep Which experts contributed to each agenciy? Politicalization. Experts with conflicts of interested. Chinese weapons programs. President, not IC defines priorities.

38:40 Ruise Dem Biden did great job. Low confidence. Democrat reforms on research on pathodemic research (lies).

44:57 Comer. Rep Proximal Origins lied. Ratcliffe, Feith, not factual. Feith: State dept briefed by an PO author. Ratcliffe: funding links to unsafe WIV.

50:18 Mfume Dem. China. Biden did a good job. China China.

56:10 Malliotakis Rep Suppression. Fauci said NIH did not fund GoF. State Dept, USAID, DoD, all funded. Suppression.

1:01:55 Bera. Dem No answer because China, need to consider both theories. Biothreats, need to work with international.

1:98:15 Miller-Meeks Rep Need to understand origins to prevent future pandemics. Ratcliffe: No evidence for natural. Lab Leak evidence overwhelming.

1:13:47 Touda. Dem Must not be anti Asian racism. Trump attacked Asians. Trump Trump Trump. Lowenthal — we just do not know about origin. Need to focus on public health not origin.

1:19:00 Lesko Rep. This is political — Riuz said Biden good, but no hearings! Ratcliffe: China intelligence suppressed because it would help Trump. Feith: Sick WIV workers.

1:24:14 Joyce Dem? Safe Biomedical Research Act NIH needs to consult with IC about research. China did not release sick worker data.

1:31:25 Green. Rep. Trump never racist per Tauda. Still talking of origins, common sense it was lab leak. IC political. Lowenthal — China will not give data. Overwhelming evidence for lab leak. Won’t not cann’t.

1:38:52 Dingell Dem. Not political! Science has found cures. China. China. China. No certainty, nobody knows. RaTG13 not relevant, Fruit flies are like humans!

1:45:35 Jackson Rep. Organizations suppressing were Fauci et. al. Daszak, Farrar etc. were advising IC.

1:51:32 Garci Dem. Committee must not leak intelligence! Sign attacking Green as white!

1:52:51 Cloud Rep. Government misleading. Ratcliffe strong. But still some doubt. China obsfucation. No natural source. No hearings for two years.

1:59:10 McCormick. Rep Ratcliffe agrees lab leak. A shift within the agencies, minority analysts zoonotic. A lab leak a year ago. New intelligence.

2:05:35 Moskowitz Dem thinks Lab Leak possible. Trump spread disinformation, supported Xi. Proximal Origins said we must investigate Lab Leak!

2:10:47 Jordon Rep. Why so long for IC, we knew long ago. Ratcliffe, knew long ago. Everyone knew it came from a lab. Political. Ratcliffe never spoke to Fauci, but others did.

2:16:18 Ruiz Not political, let experts (IC) work alone without interference. (Same experts that call the lab leak a conspiracy theory, do not interfere with them.)

2:17:47 Wenstrup. Wenstrup talked to doctors in China. Feb 2020 found article Shi article on Chimera. Fauci alarmed at article. Focussed on suppress lab leak. Democrats had said no need to search any more, natural proved, changed. IC does not answer questions.